Guestfriend answers most guest questions without any work required by your team, but sometimes you might want to receive notifications when someone is chatting with your virtual host about specific revenue driving activities like catering or private dining.

Setting up notifications

To set up notifications, first navigate to the Customize part of the dashboard and click Menu Images on the left side of the page.

Next click on Advanced Settings at the top right corner of the page. This will bring you to the page where you can turn on Notifications.

First, toggle the OFF/ON Switch to ON

Then select whether you want to receive email notifications, text message notifications, or both. 

Finally select which types of conversations you want to receive notifications for and click SAVE.

Jumping into conversations after you receive notifications

Once you receive a notification, what next? In order to engage with a potential diner in real time, we recommend logging into your dashboard and jumping into the conversation as soon as possible.

For instructions on how to jump into a live conversation, check out this article we wrote.

Setting up notifications for other users

Please note that the notifications you set up will only apply to your user account. Each user in your account will need to set up their own notifications. 

If you need to invite new users to your account, check out this article for instructions on adding new users to your Guestfriend account.

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