In addition to answering your guests' questions instantly and helping them make reservations, your virtual host now lets interested diners fill out simple forms directly from a conversation with their virtual host.

Anytime someone mentions a word related to catering, private dining, large parties, or even just wants to submit a simple inquiry or contact form, Guestfriend lets them quickly submit their information so you can follow up with them right away. 

How to view your forms in Guestfriend

As soon as someone fills out a form with your virtual host, the form will get emailed to you and show up in your Guestfriend dashboard. To view it, simply log in and navigate to your main dashboard.

On the left side of the screen, click Inquiries. You can now see all of your forms and easily filter by date or Topic.

To view the rest of the details message, click the plus sign in the More column. 

How to customize who receives notifications about forms

You can easily ensure that anyone on your Guestfriend account receives an email when forms are submitted. You can even customize your settings so that different people receive notifications about different types of form submissions.

To customize notifications, click Inquiry Settings towards the top right of the Inquiries page (see below).

From there, you can easily choose which users receive notifications about each form type. Just click Edit and select the users who should receive these notifications.

Not seeing the name of the person you want to send notifications to? You probably haven't invited them to your Guestfriend account yet. Check out this article for instructions on adding new users to your Guestfriend account.

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