Most of the time, your virtual host can answer all of your guests' questions without the need for anyone at your restaurant to jump in. However, sometimes a human touch is just what you need to be able to close a valuable lead or answer a complicated question from an interested diner.

Luckily, Guestfriend lets you jump into any live conversation directly from your dashboard! Here's how to do it...

From your main Dashboard in Guestfriend, scroll down to the Live and Recent Conversations section.

Find the conversation you want to jump into and click the PAUSE icon next to the name of the user.

Type what you want to say and hit Enter. 

The guest will instantly see your message, and you'll be able to answer any questions they have in real time.

That's it! Note that after a minute or two, the conversation will automatically Unpause and the virtual host will start answering again unless you Pause the conversation again.

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