If you manage multiple restaurants on Guestfriend, it's easy to invite your teammates to your account so they can easily edit and monitor everything.

To get started, log in to your Guestfriend account at www.getguestfriend.com and navigate to the top right corner of the screen.

Click on your name and then select Account from the dropdown.

Next, scroll down until you see this section of the page:

You can easily see who is currently invited to the account and what their role is. 

  • Admins have full access to change any aspect of their respective restaurant accounts, from editing business details to changing billing information. 
  • Editors can edit anything associated with the restaurant itself and jump into live conversations. 
  • Analysts can only view information in the dashboard but can not change anything.

To invite a user to a restaurant account, click Invite new user. You'll see this screen:

Enter the name of the person you're inviting, select their role, type their email address, and then select which restaurant(s) they should have access to. 

Click INVITE USER and that's it! They'll receive an email invite to join the account and set their password. You can easily add or remove users at anytime by clicking on their name in the Account page and editing their permissions.

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