We built Guestfriend so that you can sign up and launch your restaurant's virtual host in minutes without worrying about building or customizing anything. But we still wanted to give you the control to customize it a bit, so in this article we'll lay out a few quick ways to add that extra personal touch to your virtual host before launching. 

1. Customize your welcome message

The first thing you can do once you're logged into your dashboard for the first time is to customize your welcome message. This is the first message a guest will see when the chat with your virtual host. You can find instructions for customizing this message, as well as some helpful suggestions for the most effective types of messages, here.

2. Change the color of your virtual host on your website

Next, you can customize the color of your restaurant's virtual host on your website so that it blends better with your restaurant's brand colors. Instructions to do this can be found here.

3. Confirm your Business Details

We've already customized the chatbot for your restaurant, but it's always a good idea to review your business details to confirm accuracy. Here's how to quickly confirm that all of your business details are accurate before launching! 

4. Add your new SMS number to a few social channels

One of the most exciting parts of your Guestfriend subscription is the local SMS number that we provide. This number will let your guests text your restaurant and receive real time answers to any questions they have. You can share this number anywhere you'd like, but if you want some tips, check out this article (we'd suggest adding some text to the top of your site with the message "Text us at xxx-xxx-xxxx").

We'd suggest adding it to your Google My Business page to start so that customers can message you directly from your search results listing!

5. Add your virtual host to your website

This is undoubtedly the best way to see the full power of your Guestfriend. Easily add a snippet of code to your website so that guests can start chatting with your virtual host on your most active online channel. We've written easy instructions to help you get it up on your website, whether your site is on Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or another platform!

6. Add your virtual host to Facebook

Finally, you can add Guestfriend to your Facebook page in just a couple of clicks. Read these instructions to finish Facebook setup.

That's it!

There are lots of other great ways you can customize your virtual host and share it with new and existing customers as well. Check out our full Help Site if you want even more tips!

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