You can view the following stats through your Guestfriend Dashboard:

  • Live & Recent Conversations
  • Conversations Overview
  • Top Keywords

Live & Recent Conversations

In the Live & Recent Conversations area of your Dashboard, view the different conversations on the left hand side, by name – review the full conversation on the right hand side.

Adjust the Date Range on the top left hand side for specific days and dates.

Choose a range in the drop down menu.

Filter by Platform on the top right hand side.

Choose the platform you’d like to review.

Conversations and Top Keywords

To see a birdseye view of the different platforms where Guestfriend is interacting with prospective and current customers, view the Conversations box which shows a pie chart of usage. 

Additionally, in the Top Keywords box, you can see the top keywords your customers use while talking to your Guestfriend.

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