Once you've authenticated your Guestfriend on your restaurant's Facebook page, you can easily apply to have it featured on Facebook Discover. Discover is how Facebook lets its users easily discover new chatbots that are either relevant to their interests or geographically close to them. Being featured on Discover opens up your restaurant to an entirely new audience of potential customers.

As a Guestfriend customer, it's incredibly easy to submit your bot to be featured on the Discover tab.

First, follow this link.

Once you land on the page, click "Submit Your Messenger Bot" (see below).

Next, select your restaurant's page from the list of pages you manage. Once you select your restaurant's page and are sent to a new page, scroll down to the "Discover Settings" section at the bottom of the page. Click Set Up.

Next, Facebook will ask you to write an Overview. Fill in that section with something like this message (feel free to copy this directly):

This restaurant chatbot has a wide range of interactive features for new and existing guests alike. The purpose of our bot is to provide all of the information that a potential guest would possibly be interested in knowing before visiting. Guests are greeted by a personalized welcome message and can then ask a wide range of questions, either by typing in questions themselves or choosing from a preset list of buttons. They can ask about our menu and will then be shown images of our food, cocktails, and specials (they can even ask if we have certain food items and our bot is intelligent enought to know whether we have it and suggest similar alternatives if we don't have that item). They can also make reservations directly within the chatbot, via our integrations with OpenTable, Resy, Yelp, and Reserve. They can even ask about less obvious questions like parking, ambiance, atmosphere, dress code, kid-friendliness, and a huge variety of other factors. Finally, visitors can even ask about private dining and gift cards and be linked directly to the relevant pages on our website. Our bot intelligently pulls information from all of our online platforms and our website and can answer nearly any customer question on its own.

Next, select your Primary and Secondary categories. We suggest Food & Drink for Primary and Travel for Secondary. 

Finally, write a Summary for your bot. This is the message that will show up next to the icon for your bot when someone finds it in the Discover tab. 

We suggest something like: Browse our menu and make a reservation! 

That's it! Click Submit and your bot should be approved and live on the Discover tab in a day or two.

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