When a guest starts a conversation with your Guestfriend, either on your website, on Facebook Messenger, or via text, they'll be greeted with either the default Guestfriend welcome message or the custom welcome message that you create yourself.

Here's what a custom welcome message looks like to someone on your website...

Customizing your welcome message is the easiest way to encourage guests to ask specific questions that are valuable to your business. 

Depending on what is most valuable to your restaurant, you should customize your welcome message with a Call to Action urging guests to ask questions about those specific revenue drivers. After all, anyone proactively messaging you is already engaged so you should take advantage of their attention to promote things that will impact your business.

A few ideas:

  • Hungry? Browse our menu and then make a reservation directly from this chat!
  • Planning a party or private event? We'd love to help. Ask us about our private dining options.
  • Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Ask us about our gift card options!
  • Planning a wedding or the big event? We cater! Ask us about our catering to find out more.
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