Once you've authorized your Guestfriend to answer messages for your restaurant on Facebook Messenger, there are a ton of great ways to get visitors and potential guests interacting directly with your chatbot on Facebook and Facebook Messenger. 

Here are a few ideas:

Add it to your Facebook Page Description

Add your SMS number to your restaurant’s Facebook page description with a message like “Text us for more information about our menu and restaurant.”

Create New Organic Facebook Posts

Facebook has a variety of options for publishing organic posts that drive to your Guestfriend chatbot. First, start a new post with the goal "Get More Messages."

This will start a normal post draft, except there will be a Message Us button that drives visitors directly to your Guestfriend in Facebook Messenger...

You can use similar messaging as Instagram, but the benefit of Facebook is that it’s even easier for your followers to message you since Facebook will show a “Message Us” button at the end of your post. 

Encourage users to message you by prompting them with specific questions or things they can ask about. A few ideas:

  • Click the Message Us button to chat with our new customer service chatbot!
  • Hungry? Just click the Message Us button to chat with our new virtual host and see what we're serving tonight.
  • Looking for a gift for that special someone? Message us to see our different gift card options!

If you have a bit of extra budget, try Boosting one of these posts so that all of your followers see it (organic posts usually only show up to around 10-15% of your followers). You can even expand the audience when you boost a post so that it only gets shown to completely new followers. 

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