In this article, we'll focus on giving you some ideas for the best ways to promote your new SMS number on Instagram. Promoting your SMS number is an easy way to drive conversations and incremental reservations. And since your restaurant is likely not taking any reservations via text right now, any new reservations made via your SMS number is a huge win for your business!

First, find your SMS number in the Set up tab of your account.

Your Text / SMS number will show up in this section towards the bottom of the page:

Once you copy your number, you're ready to start promoting it!

Promoting on your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram account is a great way to spread the word that your guests can now text you and receive instant responses to their questions! Here are a few ideas we have for promoting your number on Instagram…

Publicizing your SMS number with the message “Text us!" on your Instagram page description is a great way to start driving conversations on your bot. The description field is a perfect location to publicize your number, and since Instagram audiences are younger than many other platforms, you’ll be engaging people whose preferred communication method is texting! 

Start by clicking "Edit Profile" when logged into your account.

Next, enter something like "Text us at..." to the Bio field of your profile

You can also try linking to your Facebook Messenger page on your Page Description instead of your SMS numbrer. This way, you'll be sending your followers to a more visually interesting chatbot experience (your Guestfriend on Facebook Messenger uses imagery, while the SMS number is just text). Read the article here to find out how to get your Messenger link.

Standard Instagram Image Posts

Creating simple image posts on Instagram is another great way to engage your followers and prompt them with specific Calls to Action. Since your followers are more likely to visit your profile page if they're prompted to do so via an organic post, this is the best way to get more traffic to your SMS number in your bio.

Imagery to use: Your posts can be as simple as a shot of someone holding a phone texting with your bot, a lifestyle shot of someone typing on their phone, or a beautiful food photo. It's up to you, and you can experiment with different concepts to see what works best! 

Where to include the SMS number: In terms of where to actually show the number in the post, you could use images that have your SMS number overlaid on top of the image itself, or you can just include the number in the post description.

Here are a few ideas for posts to test out:

  • Text us anytime and get immediate replies. Don't believe us? Try it! #xxx-xxx-xxxx"
  • Want to check out all our newest menu items and specials? Text us at #xxx-xxx-xxxx for more mouth-watering pics.
  • Try chatting with our new chatbot at #xxx-xxx-xxxx. It’ll answer you immediately and can help you make reservations, find out about our menu, and more!
  • Message our new chatbot to see what kind of food we have available at lunch and then order delivery!

Experiment with lots of different ideas to see what your followers respond best to. And remember to leverage relevant #hashtags to try to get new guests interested in your restaurant and your chatbot!

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