Tell your visitors more about your restaurant by editing your Business Details. In this area of your Dashboard, you can specify what services you offer and add links to those services if applicable.

Editing your Business Details

Start in the Customize area of your Guestfriend Dashboard and go to Business Details on the left hand side.

Within the Business Details box, go through the list of options and choose “Yes” or “No” depending on whether you offer each service.

(Optional) Add a Link

If a service you offer has a corresponding link (for example: a menu or a contact form), click Link to the right of “Yes,” once selected and add your link.

Note: For services that offer a link, choose "Yes," and "+ Link" appears to the right of your selection.

Preview your changes

In the Chatbot Tester box to the right, preview your changes and interact with your Guestfriend as a visitor or returning customer would!

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