Logging into Guestfriend

To install Guestfriend on your site, start by logging into your Guestfriend Dashboard


Note: in order to install Guestfriend, first create an account.

Once logged in, go to Set up on the top left hand side.

Copy your code snippet

There are three installation options on the Set up page. For your site, use the Website code snippet.

Highlight and copy the code snippet or email it directly to someone who can by clicking Email this code directly to your tech friend.

Adding your code snippet

Now that you have your code snippet copied, log into your Weebly site.


Click Log In on the top right hand side.

1. After you login, click Edit Site to the right hand side of the site you’d like to edit. In your site editor, click the Settings tab.

2. In the Settings area, choose SEO on the left hand side.

3. In the SEO area, find the Header Code field. Paste the code snippet copied from the Set up page of Guestfriend into the field below.

4. Click Save on the bottom right hand side, and Guestfriend will appear on the bottom right hand side of your website!

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